Saturday, December 31, 2011

Memories of Christmas 2011

I really hope you had a great Christmas.

Ours seemed busier this year than ever before, and I found myself completely wiped out by Christmas night.  We had one stop on Christmas Eve and four stops on Christmas Day, which makes for a very weary one year old and two very tired parents. 

I secretly hoped and expected Delaney (who is 16 months old) to come running out of her bedroom Christmas morning, rip open her presents, and play right away.

Instead, we were up with her most of the night and then she woke up around 7 screaming.  She came out in the living room where we had a new princess tent set up and all of her presents.  I think she was more looking forward to breakfast, but she amused her excited parents anyway by staring at the gifts that we threw in front of her and slowly picked away at the wrapping paper.

After she opened her gifts, I went to get dressed and when I came back into the living room, she was playing with my
old cell phone and some post-it notes
I guess I could have saved some money.

As you can see in the picture above, my niece Harper was pretty excited about opening gifts. This was pretty much her expression all day.

(please ignore my lovely bucket of Christmas laundry)
I told Mr. H that I got him a present that would make him a better dad and make Delaney love him all the more.  I think he was slightly offended but understood better when he opened his awesome Elmo pajamas.  She can't stop giving him hugs when he is wearing these pajamas.

I hate when you forget to discuss the gift guidelines and get seriously whipped on the gift giving.
I got Mr. H Elmo pajamas for Christmas.

and he got me this... 

I guess I'll need to step it up for Valentine's Day.

     We had a great time visiting with Mr. H's brother and his family for a week.  They live in Hawaii and
we only see them about once a year.  Delaney enjoyed getting to know her cousin and they had a great time playing (and sometimes fighting) with toys.

My grandma made the girls Christmas dresses this year. 
The kids had a grab bag where they took turns picking Dollar Tree items. 
Delaney only picked suckers.

She was very sticky by the end of the day.


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