Sunday, April 3, 2011

Feeding the Birds...

I guess I'm getting addicted to blogging- the time I blogged was on Thursday, and I feel like it has been months. 

I wanted to introduce The Birdman! 
It looks like he's missing a finger, but he's not. lol

We had a "craft" show this weekend and this is the 3rd show that we have run into this guy.  I really don't know his first name, we just call him as the Birdman.  He sells these super artsy, unique, birdhouses made out of rustic metal finds.  They are so fun to look at and everytime we have seen him he has more clever designs.  This guy is a hoot and loves to come and tell us stories of the past 11 years of making birdhouses out of stuff he finds at garage sales, old barns, etc.  He's a super unique guy with a super unique product.  I'd link his information up, but he doesn't have a website and only sells at shows.

  I dream of living in an old farmhouse with a huge backyard and I'll hang one of these birdhouses from my tree that has a tire swing on the other side of it. 
  (Right now my backyard is a fenced in postage stamp, so I'll have to wait a bit...)

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