Friday, April 29, 2011

A Needed Crafternoon

Sometimes, you just need a craft day.  I used to be a crazed scrapbooker- from 2001-2009 my oh so exciting life has been documented in scrapbooks with awesome glitter flowers and double sided tape.  And then I graduated college, got a full-time job, left the full-time job and had a baby.  Therefore, no more time for scrapping.  Luckily, my mom has been scrapping Delaney's life, so she's not forgotten.  Yes, I have a jewelry business, so everyday might sounds like a craft day, but swinging a hammer and oxidizing silver is not really my idea of a crafty hobby.  I think for a true "craft" you have to either include glitter, a glue stick, scissors, felt, paper, or maybe the occassional popsicle stick.

Brodi and I were both needing a crafternoon on Wednesday.  I have decided to remodel my "office", so that when I have another baby [eventually] the room will be all ready. I'll just need to remove the desks, move the jewelry into the kitchen and put in a crib.  I'm going with a yellow and gray color scheme [my new fave], but more about that later.  So, we moved some carseats around and went to Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's for some needed craft supplies. 

My project was some hoop art for my soon to be new office/future baby room.  {I know it's weird since I am NOT pregnant, but I figured I could paint the room gray and yellow and in the future, if I have a girl, I'll throw in some coral and if I have a boy, I'll throw remove the ruffles, and maybe throw a baseball in or something.  It will same me some nesting time}.  You can see the finished project in the bottom right corner, BUT I didn't have a glue gun {I know what kind of crappy crafter am I?}, so when I glue the ruffles I can tighten the gray hoop a little better.

Brodi's crafternoon project was a yarn wreath for Harper's door.  I have to admit- It came out A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.
I will have to make one for Delaney's room as soon as I get the materials. 

Isn't it cute?!!  She looked up online how to cut the felt for some of the flowers.  I'd do a tutorial, but I didn't exactly make it and she finished it at home, so if you have questions just ask and maybe I can take some pics when I make one for Del. 

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