Saturday, July 2, 2011

Delicious Summer Cobb Salad

I am the first to admit that I am not a big salad fan.  I enjoy Taco Salad, but if I have the choice I would rather have a sandwich.  However, Mr. H mentioned making a Cobb salad the other day, and I thought it sounded pretty delicious.  I happened to have all of the essentials in my fridge, so for lunch today, I whipped this up just like Martha Stewart.

My ingredients included:
one head of lettuce, 3 boiled eggs, half a bag of Tyson pre-cooked chicken slices, 3 Roma tomatoes, an avocado, and bacon-o's (also croutons, but I didn't want them to get soggy, so I added them when it was served).

The reason the lettuce is all over the place is because I am a little obsessed about clean lettuce.  I have been trying to save money, so I've been shopping at Aldi, which does not sell organic lettuce.  Therefore, my lettuce process involves chopping it up, putting it a large ziploc freezer bag, filling the bag with water AND vegetable cleaner, rinsing, laying it out and blotting the water up with paper towel.  I know...the process seems pretty time consuming, but I feel much better about rinsing off some pesticides.
I can't live without my Veggie Wash.  Again, when I'm too cheap to buy organic, I feel like this at least helps a little bit.  Right?

And the finished product...

I swear I did put some lettuce underneath. 

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  1. Yum! That looks delish! Stopping by from Lilypie!



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