Tuesday, July 26, 2011

rookie mama

I'm feeling like a total rookie mom lately (especially while I'm currently typing trying to ignore the fact that Del is screaming bloody murder 'cause she wants me to be a sucker and hold her all evening instead of fall asleep). 

Anyway, Mr. H and I went to an evening wedding last weekend, leaving my parents to babysit Del until about midnight.  I don't think we've left her during bedtime since she was a few months old, so I felt it necessary to write a 2 page note memorandum thesis paper to my mom in case she needed the assistance.  It had important information about Del, such as
-she likes to walk with her new walker toy, but if she comes to a corner, she gets frustrated turning and will cry.
- after bedtime, if she cries, she probably needs her paci and it's probably laying right by her mouth.
-if she cries, rock, lay her down, let her cry it out, rock, lay her down, let her cry it out, repeat ....

And the list went on...

When my sister (who is SUCH a veteran momma with all 2 of her kiddos) saw my list, she laughed and told me that this was her list for the sitter.
1. Don't forget to feed them.
2. If the house is on fire, get them out quickly.

Hmm...okay well that's important too. 

Last night, I was rookie mom again listening to stories at our church's girl's night out (which was also a surprise diaper shower for a dear friend and a super fun night!).  Sometimes you just need a night out with other mommas to tell you you're not losing your mind and that if your kid isn't bleeding, then that's a good day.
It also didn't hurt to relax by the pool until after dark.   I think it was one of the first nights I've been out past 7 in a while, so I actually saw some mosquitoes (i live off the schedule of a one-year-old).  I will definitely  need some more of these nights before the summer end.

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  1. I don't appreciate your sarcasm, Newbie.
    your sister



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