Thursday, July 7, 2011

Embrace the Camera Time!

It's already Thursday- which means it is time to embrace the camera!  You may have taken July 4th pictures, but I hope that you got in front of the camera, so that YOU are part of the memories also!  I'm still not a champion at this- I probably took 150 pics on Monday, and there are 2 with me in them. BUT at least there are 2 records that I was there celebrating Independence Day with my loved ones in 2011. 

{Linking up with Emily}
embrace the camera

Oh...and don't forget...


  1. I know, it is so easy to forget to take pictures with us in them.

  2. awww such cute pics! I dont have children yet but I am dying for a little girl first for the sole purpose of dressing her in holiday themed outfits! hehe and for many other reasons! xo

  3. so cute! I love her headband!



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