Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farmer's Market Saturday

We woke up early on Saturday and headed to a local Farmer's Market. 
I have to be honest- I was expecting a Farmer's Market with booth after booth of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more, but then Mr. H. reminded me that "This isn't Seattle" and I was hit with the reality that I was in a small Indiana town, so a few booths of vegetables and bread was the entire market.  I did end up with some gorgeous tomatoes and green pepper, so I would consider it a success. 

It was SO hot, and we ended up swimming all day at my grandparents house, where Del's mood depended on whether or not her great-grandma was feeding her vanilla wafers and how quickly she could shovel them in (which explains the upset picture).  And we ended the day with break-off chocolate chip cookies {delicious} and homemade pizza. 

I rolled out my homemade dough after letting it rise and made a fresh sauce with the farmer's market tomatoes and I'll soon post the recipe.

...oh wait, no, I buy the premade crust and the $1.04 can of Hunt's pizza sauce, but I still consider it homemade pizza and it still tastes way better than the frozen ones.

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