Friday, July 22, 2011

Fun at the Fair

It has been hot here. 
Like Satan's armpit hot. 
 (borrowed that phrase from Jami's blog 'cause it always makes me laugh). 
I've really been content just hangin' out in my A/C, but on Sunday, I convinced Mr. H to go the 4H Fair so that Del could see the animals.  In other places, you go to the ocean for free fun.  Take a trip to the beach or maybe to a nearby lake.  Well, in the middle of Indiana, you go look at sweaty pigs and cows that look like they are dying of heat stroke in a hot non-conditioned barn that smells like poo.  I know, try not to be jealous of the luxurious life of an Indiana mom
I totally knew how the pig felt that day.  It was easily 100 degrees there.

Actually, we had a great time.  Yes, it was hot, BUT we made it in time to see the children's animal parade.  Seeing a 3 year-old boy in overalls taking his baby goat for a walk is probably the cutest thing ever.  Delaney did enjoy looking at the animals, although she was more fascinated with the giant cooling fans than the bunny rabbits.   
Mr. H actually wanted to go back later in the week for more barnyard fun, but we didn't make it back.  We DO have the State Fair to look forward to in a few weeks though, so you can look forward to some pics of much larger pigs.

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