Thursday, July 28, 2011

Embracing the Big Head Picture

(iphone pic so it's a tad grainy)

Don't you just hate those pictures where you are the closest one to the camera so your head looks HUGE like you are  going to eat everyone else in the picture?

Yeah, that's this week's pic. 

It's the only pic I have from myself this week, so I'll embrace it.  It was a jillion degrees outside, so we thought a refreshing dip in the neighborhood pool would cool us down.  However, when we stepped in the water, it was like getting in a hot tub- the water had to be at least 90 degrees, which was SO not refreshing.  Delaney wasn't even loving it, until we gave her some cheerios and then she was fine. 

Oh, and BY THE WAY, I know my sunglasses are not cool.  I could do a whole blog post about my sunglasses though.  I have had them for 7 years now, which in sunglass language is an eternity!  But, they are amazing Maui Jim glasses and make everything in my world rose colored, so I will not get rid of them until they are broken or lost.

Hope you're staying cool this week and embracing the camera!

embrace the camera


  1. Haha, thanks for sharing! Those "big head photos" are the best ;)

  2. LOL... funny {embrace} post! Your lil girl is a cutie...and I love her name! Totally understand the heat! We've avoided the pool for the same reason :( .... Missing the pool!

  3. That is too funny! I know all about the big head pics! Great fun though.

  4. Ahh.... yay to seeing the world through rose colored glasses :)



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