Friday, July 8, 2011

New Summer Designs...

Our new summer designs are here!!  I am in LOVE with our new stamps, including a kite, hot air balloon, rocket, ASL I love you sign, and castle {sorry, but the castle has not yet debuted because the picture was a bit fuzzy-wuzzy}.  Although these designs are not yet personalized, you can add a name or date to any necklace, since that IS our specialty! 

By the way, now is the PERFECT time for a new summer necklace.  I've been wearing the hot air balloon necklace with my summer shorts and tanks and it is the perfect accessory- simple and fun

You can WIN a $40 shop credit to Tag...You're It! over at Lillypie's blog can also win some killer swag from 10 other shops, including A Line Design Studio, aisle to aloha studio, Two Seaside Babes,  and The Lovely Poppy.  Oh, and did I forget to mention that you could also win a $100 shop credit to Lillypie?  Yeah, I'd say it is worth the five minutes to enter to win! 


  1. wow, what a fantastic giveaway, thanks for sharing! oh and i love the "i heart my boys" so much, too

  2. Saying hi from LIllypie! :]]



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