Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Being a five-year-old is hard work...

We bought a swingset for Delaney a few weeks ago.  Yay!  I found it for $50 on Craigslist (holla!), so I was super excited! (hence, the holla)  Of course, Del is loving the baby swing, but my nephew Isaac was the first one to try it out.  As my grandma used to say, Isaac is pretty much "a fart in a skillet."  He did NOT want his picture taken at first, so he had to hide from the camera.

{By the way, will you PLEASE excuse my unstained fence and swingset.  Oh, and my horrible yardwork.  It's all on the to-do list for me to complete that I gave Mr. H to do this summer.}

THEN, I told him it was for my blog, which to him was the same as being on a billboard in Times Square I guess because the posing began. 

BUT, it only lasted a minute because he then thought it would be a suave camera move to start dancing.  And the dancing was pretty much an Irish jig, or more like the Celtic Dancers who only move their feet. 

His mind changed again and he was back to his
 "Glamour Shots"
(remember those- I would have KILLED to have my hair feathered and teased, with a bedazzled jean jacket and frosted pink lipstick, but my my mom never let me, and now the opportunity has passed. 

Anyway, I hope when this kid starts kindergarten in the fall he teaches all of his new friends his awesome dance moves.

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