Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo

On Monday, we took our first family outing of the summer to the Indianapolis Zoo.  Of course it decided to be in the nineties, but that didn't stop us or the rhinos.

Del had her zebra shirt on all day, but the matching zebra headband, was just TOO hot to wear.  Comfort trumps fashion in my book, which also explains the 1990's hair clip holding my hair back.

It's funny how much one little being can change your life.  On Sunday, Mark and I thought it would be fun to go the zoo during the day and then walk across the street to watch a baseball game that evening.  They have a grassy area in the outfield where you can sit with a picnic.  A fun filled day with the sun shining- but THEN we remembered that Del lasts about 4 hours without a nap and then she gets a bit cranky.  So, we shortened the outing to just the zoo.  The zoo was then shortened to about half of the zoo because Del and I were both whining a bit much about being hot and tired.  BUT, it was still a fun and successful day in my book!  I look forward to more warm weather adventures this summer!

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