Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the Camera

Some weeks, I can't seem to even scrounge a picture for Thursdays.  However, this week was the opposite.  I have taken a lot of pictures this week, so I'm going to post more than just a single embrace the camera shot.  My cousin, Zach, was married on Saturday.  Zach, his brother, my brother, and myself all grew up together spending hours in my grandma's basement playing Power Rangers- it was me and 3 boy cousins, so i guess barbies were overruled.  We genuinely thought we were good at karate though, so when I see my 5 year-old nephew, Isaac, jumping off my furniture and then kicking the wall and hurting his foot, I remember that in his mind he is probably a true ninja.

Anyway, there were no Power Rangers costumes or karate chops at this wedding, but it was a gorgeous wedding on a beautiful day.

Delaney LOVED the wedding.  She was such a good girl, and even slept through the ceremony. PERFECTION.


Boys will be boys, right?!  In the first picture they are obviously bored, so I guess they decided to entertain themselves.

 The groom is on the right and his brother is on the left- aka the Green and Red Rangers

I hope you embraced the camera this week, especially with the beautiful weather in the Midwest!!


  1. WOW!! These are beautiful pictures. LOVE weddings, specially those when the weather cooperates.

  2. Gorgeous photos, including the one of you. That is certainly one to frame. Always love escaping to a wedding, a place to sit back, enjoy company, and forget about the realities of everyday life.

  3. okay first things first that wedding was GORGEOUS! And your baby girl looks so happy! I love her dress and matching bow



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