Thursday, June 9, 2011

Embracing the Camera from Tag...You're It!

In one week this girl has gone from being my little baby to my crazy toddler.
In 24 hours she started crawling, but THAT is not the trick she likes to do.
Her favorite trick is to stand up.  On everything.  She will pull herself up using a table, my leg, a toy, the wall, anything.  Yesterday, I had to stop her from pushing on another 9 month old baby's head at playgroup because she was trying to stand up against her. 
She is NOT satisfied sitting or laying. She wants to STAND. 

So, I have spent the week being pushed and pulled and grabbed and having my hair pulled out because she is using it as a rope to climb up on me

Embracing the camera involves taking pictures of YOURSELF, not just your kiddos so that they have photo memories of YOU.
Are you embracing the camera this week?

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