Monday, August 15, 2011

Birthday Week!!!

I don't know if you have a certain month filled with a lot of birthdays, but for me it is AUGUST!  Today, my nephew Isaac turns 6 (Happy Birthday, Isaac!) and on Wednesday, my little dumplin' has her first birthday!!  Therefore, I'm making this week BIRTHDAY WEEK!  Today, I am sharing some birthday inspirations.  I can't promise I'll be making all of these for Delaney's party on Wednesday, but I'm at least INSPIRED to make them (that counts, right?!).
First up is this adorable wreath.  I do plan on making this as soon as I pick up the supplies because it is a cheap decoration that can be a special decoration only put up for birthday parties:
Okay, next up is this "birthday in a suitcase".  Again, I think this is such a cute idea.  This one is obviously made up for a girl, but you could make it for a boy too.  I like the idea of taking your birthday kiddo on a special birthday picnic every year.  I guess if their birthday is in January, it would be an indoor picnic, but still fun.
Um...Okay I found this picture on Pinterest and besides the fact that the little boy is so cute I want to squeeze him, I just thought the picture set up is way cool for a birthday pic.  I already had Del's birthday pics taken (I'll share that experience later), but next year, I am planning on this.  Grab a wagon and a few helium balloons and you have this birthday picture.
Okay, here's my last pic.  I'll be honest- I would LOVE to throw a gorgeous first birthday party for Delaney with oodles of homemade desserts and goodies and a candy bar with licorice in glass jars.  BUT, my biggest hinderence is my budget.  I have to remind myself that Mr. H and I work on a budget and a table full of expensive party favors and decorations just doesn't work into that budget.  However, I HAVE scrapbook paper and crepe paper is at the dollar store, so these cute birthday hats are totally doable and way cuter than the already made hats you buy at the party stores.  If only I could find some cute vintage ELMO scrapbook paper for Delaney's party...
Okay, so did I forget to mention that Tag...You're It! is also celebrating our birthday!!! On Saturday, we turned 2!!!
So, to celebrate use the coupon code BIRTHDAYTIME in our etsy shop to save 15% off your purchase!

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