Monday, August 29, 2011

A Toddler's Summer Evening

this is a picture of my niece, who I call the "wild woman".
harper is 20 months going on 20 years with a spirit of energy, craziness, love, and giggles.

she is delaney's best friend and knows when she pulls in the driveway that she is there to play with "dee" or "dainey"!

she does not stay still for more than .2 seconds, which is why almost every picture of her right now is of her backside running away.

she is sneaky and sly and possibly a future gymnast- crawling out of pack and plays and somehow getting delaney to escape out of a childproof gated fence, which was a big surprise to her momma and me.

she's a momma's girl, but i think she's also independent and ready to do her own thing

1 comment:

  1. Aw... I love my sweet girl. :-)

    And by the way, she climbed out of her crib today. Pray for me.



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