Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A letter to the Birthday Girl

Dear One Year Old Delaney,
Happy Birthday!  You are ONE today and you don't even know it!!  Or do you?  Do you remember some memories we made this past year?
Oh...this one is pretty important.  Do you remember your birthday in the hospital? Our first cuddle time together.  I had no idea that even at 1, you would still be as much of a cuddler as you were the day you were born.  You are absolutely my cuddle bug.

Do you remember when I dressed you up as a giraffe for Halloween, but put a bow in your "ear" so everyone knew you were a girl giraffe?  I know- I didn't even let you have any candy, but maybe next year when you have all of your teeth.

 Do you remember all of the tummy time/floor time/playtime that we spent together?  Our living room floor has been your play world this past year and you have spent hours working on the baby fundamentals.
Do you remember when you desperately wanted to be big like your cousin Harper, so that you could run around instead of crawl?
Do you remember when I could put accessories all over your face and on your head and you didn't seem to mind?  It was short lived and wonderful.

Do you remember when it was FINALLY pool season, but swimming was just exhausting?  Don't worry- I still get really sleepy after being in the sun all day and getting in the pool.

Do you remember all the yummy treats that you tried for the first time, normally at your Great-Grandma's house?  You had your first experience with chocolate pudding in this picture, and you were looking at grandma for just one more bite.

Do you remember some of your first trips, like the 4-H Fair?  We also took trips to the Children's Museum, the zoo, the State Museum, and lots of fall festivals and craft fairs, of course! 

Do you remember how fast your first year went?  All of a sudden you were rolling over, then crawling, then walking!  You still only have one tooth, but I'm sure more are on their way. 

You have taught me how to be much more patient, how to survive on a lack of sleep, and how to be less selfish (this has been my hardest lesson). 

You have turned my world upside down in a wonderful way. 
Although we had some rough spots (usually at bedtime), our first year together as a family was overall pretty amazing.  You are truly a wonderful baby and are full of so much joy
You have helped me learn every word to every Sesame Street song ever written and the world of Abby Cadabby and Mr. Noodle (who is a little bit creepy if I'm being honest).
 You have taught me that something as simple as crawling on the floor and meeting face to face or playing a game of peek-a-boo can result in hours of laughter
You often remind me that sometimes I need to cherish those moments of 2 AM cries because it means I get to rock you back to sleep, and I won't get to do that for much longer.

I love you, Miss Delaney and always will.


Your Mommy 


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