Friday, August 19, 2011

It's a Party!

We celebrated Delaney's ONE year old Birthday party on Wednesday, and had a great time!!  I went with an ELMO theme, since she is slightly in love with Elmo and Brodi did a superb job making me an elmo cake!!  I set up our Tag...You're It tent in the backyard, which worked great. 
The picture is small so you can't see the weeds and dead grass in the backyard.
Delaney was the perfect birthday girl, and yes I made her wear a crown during the entire party because I'm THAT mom.
Um...Yeah, this girl SUCKED on her cupcake like a bottle.
I probably wouldn't go with the RED elmo icing again because it did result in a wide awake girl who screamed 3 hours past her bedtime, but she sure did enjoy eating every last drop of chocolate cake and icing. 
Next year, I'll try a sugar free vanilla with sugar free vanilla icing. 
That way it also won't stain her birthday dress. 



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