Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm 27 now...and feel the same

Well, Happy Birthday to me yesterday!  Yesterday was my BIG DAY and I turned 27!!   I guess it's just another in between age- no real milestone. 
So, sorry to disappoint but I have no cool blog pics to post from a gorgeous, well decorated invitation only party with crete paper flowers and chalk labeled vases.  Nope
 My party will consist of hot dogs at my mom's house tomorrow, and that's just how we roll. 

I did have a really great birthday yesterday.  I guess my body was secretly more excited than I realized for my birthday, 'cause I woke up at 3 am WIDE AWAKE.  So, I hung out in the living room watching tv for a few hours until Mr. H and Del woke up and shared their birthday cards with me (my present is a MercyMe concert next week, which I'm pretty excited about)

Mr. H took the day off work for my birthday, so that made me feel extra special. 
I guess at 27, I was wanting to relive my youth because all I wanted to do for the day was go to Splash Island, a local waterpark.  My excuse was I thought Delaney would really like it, but secretly it was because I was wanting to go down some waterslides. 
 I have had a fear for years of going down enclosed tube waterslides because I think when I was a kid I got turned around in them and couldn't breathe.  But since it was my birthday, I decided to conquer my fear.  I spent the majority of my day going down waterslides with a bunch of 10 year-olds and an old man, who I think was also trying to reclaim his youth, along with a 27 year-old momma

Oh, and Del had fun too.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! Laid back birthday parties at Mama's house are the best. :D
    Also, that is one damn cute kid!!!



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