Sunday, August 28, 2011

Loved the Summer, Now I'm Moving On...

When Mr. H was in the military, we lived in Hawaii for a couple of years.  I will admit- it was fabulous and I know you are probably understandable a little jealous- and you should be.

 It is SO beautiful with perfect weather and beautiful beaches and green mountains.  On the weekends, we would go to the beach for hours and I would boogie board along with children while the adults surfed (I never had a desire for the surfing).

However,  there was one thing missing (besides my family of course), that I NEED in my life

- a change of seasons.  

I love summer.  I have cherished the pool time, the green grass, and throwing on flip-flops to go to the store.  But the best season EVER is approaching and even though it is still 80 degrees today, I am looking ahead to FALL (or autumn- it even gets 2 names because it is so wonderful).

Fall is SO short, but it's memories seriously get me through the first half of winter.
I am looking forward to the pumpkin patch, apple picking (ok, I admit I never actually GO apple picking, but the thought still excites me), hay rides, Halloween, decorating my house and spraying pumpkin scented febreeze on the carpet.  In Indiana, there are a lot of fall "festivals" that I also love.  We walk around and shop   and eat carmel apples (we call it carmel in Indiana, not caramel, so that's not a typo), kettle korn, fudge, and pie in a jar.
(yep, that's right- it's pie and it's in a jar and that makes it better somehow).

 It is also the only time of year I actually try new things with my wardrobe ~boots, hats, and scarves, trying to pull off skinny jeans tucked into my jeans with a long sweater, even though I'm a mom and feel too old.  So, I thought I'd inspire you and get you excited about autumn.  And if you live in a place that is warm all year round, then I'm sorry you miss this gorgeous season,
but when I'm marching through snow early March waiting for the tulips, then you can feel sorry for me.  
This is what I FEEL like (not exactly what I look like) in my boots in the fall, but I think she'd be cold without a sweater.

P.S. This Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial can be found HERE.  
If I had any sewing ability, I would have already started it. 
 I wonder if I can use hot glue?

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