Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Giveaway

$40 Tag...You're It GIVEAWAY!!!!

The sun is finally starting to shine again, the snow has melted {for now} and we thought
it would be a perfect time for a Tag You're It giveaway!
We have run sales before, but this is the first time we are giving away such a large store credit, so this
is exciting news for us!!

There are a few ways to enter our drawing, but let me explain one of them:

We are looking for some new designs, but want our customers to help be a part of it. 
We have a line of personalized jewelry, but we also have more classic pieces
that we sell at consignment shops and craft shows. 
These pieces have inspirational phrases, for example:


{okay you get the point}

Here are some other examples of our "classic" designs {you can see them all here}

{"Okay, so how do we get the 40 bucks already?!"}

Here are the RULES
Mandatory Entry: Follow our blog and tell us who you are!

TWO Extra Entries:  Come up with an original "classic" necklace design {keep in mind that the design should not be personalized with a name.  For each idea left through a comment, we will give you TWO entries! (EDIT: If we already have a necklace with that idea/phrase on our website, we will not count that entry).
ONE Extra Entry: Steal our blog button, put it on your blog, and tell us that you did it.
ONE Extra Entry: "Like" Tag You're It on our facebook fan page and tell us who you are
ONE Extra Entry: Facebook about the giveaway with a link and let us know.
ONE Extra Entry: Blog about the giveaway with a link and let us know.

Whew- lots of chances to win!

Winner will be announced on Wednesday, March 9, so you have until then!
 By entering the contest with your idea, you agree to let Tag...You're It sell the creative design you envisioned.

Oh, one more thing!!  If we pick YOUR creative "classic" design to sell, you get 25% off your next order from Tag...You're It!

Agreed?  Okay, then, get started!


  1. I am a fan on facebook, I shared your link on facebook and I follow your blog.

    Cassey Stephens

  2. I have been a facebook fan for quite some time and I am now following your blog.

    Are you allowed to take lines/phrases from songs? If so, my necklace/bracelet idea is "Love like crazy."

    Julia Bockerstette

  3. I am now a follower of your blog and have been a facebook fan for quite awhile:) I am sharing the link and writing in my blog. (Haha, i really want this gift certificate:) )

    My idea was inspired by my sister-in-law who lost her baby earlier this year. Although I am not sure how many will be requested, i thought "Matthew 5:4" or "Joshua 1:9" would be great on a necklace:)

    Joshua 1:9
    Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.

    Matthew 5:4
    Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

    Sandy Trejo

  4. Hi ladies! I absolutely love your pieces and have been a fan for quite some time:) I can't wait to see what new stuff you guys create!

    Krista Nuber

    Ps...I am absolutely a friend on facebook too:)

  5. P.S. I also left a facebook status about the contest:)

    Sandy Trejo

  6. I'm now following your blog and I liked you on facebook. I'll have to think about what I would like to see on a piece. I'll be back!

  7. Hello ladies! I absolutely LOVE your jewelry! I have a design, but it has names on it, so I'll share that when I'm ready to purchase. I have liked you on Facebook. I posted a comment about your contest and a link to the website. I also follow your blog. I will have to see if I can come up with any classic designs without names.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I posted a link to your blog on facebook. As for classics, how about
    Forever. . .


    Dreams come true

  10. I am a fan on facebook! (Deborah Hassig)

  11. I posted on facebook about your giveaway! (Deborah Hassig)
    I also tweeted for you! (CouponClipNMama)

  12. Dreams do come true
    Always on my mind
    Friends Are Angels Who Lift Your Wings
    Grandchildren Are Precious Jewels
    Friends Forever

    My daughter was born with a congenital heart if you had a heart instead of a small circle like the one above and you put "survivor" or something that would be neat! I could post a pic on the CHD facebook page too!

  13. I follow you on Fb, follow your blog and just added your button to my blog!!
    How about a cancer ribbon with survivor on the next tag.
    Or a cancer ribbon with fighter on the next tag

    Jennifer rude

  14. always looking for a great camera necklace. Life captured. or snaphappy or camera (stamp of camera) with word happy underneath.

  15. Scrapbook Fever
    Love Always
    Blessed Be Your Name
    Child of God

  16. Im a new facebook fan. My friend Lauren sent me! LOVE your stuff! :) Im following your blog! :)

  17. Following your blog! I'll get to the rest when I get home from work ;-)

  18. I'm not too sure what's possible, but what about linking open circles with children's names (siblings) on them? I don't know if that makes any sense lol. Like your open circle only with however many needed soldered together?? Or what about 'wife' necklaces with a heart shaped lock and a key with "my love" or something stamped on it? Ok, I'll stop now!

    Your stuff is beautiful by the way! I wish I had found you guys before I bought my stamped necklace!

  19. Hmm I had posted a comment but I have no idea where it went- I don't see it at all.. I am your Facebook fan, and posted the contest on my Facebook page(Lauren Provencher Selker) I follow your blog (I'm either leselker or Lauren S I can't remember how my name shows up), I added your button to my blog, and I blogged about you too ( ). I think that's all the possible entries. Can you tell I'm addicted to your stuff? :)

    My idea for a new necklace would be one from a starfish piece (poem?) I love. I have it posted at work on my wall, and have a copy at home. I like to have it around to remind me that little things you do in life can make a big difference, even if it only takes a second.

    A nicklace with a silver starfish shape on it, and then something like "make a difference" on it would be cute. You could tuck a copy of the poem in the box. Here is the piece:

    Making a Difference:

    An old man walking along the shore saw a person moving like a dancer down the beach. Curious, he walked faster to catch up. He realized the person wasn't dancing, it was a woman picking up starfish and throwing them into the ocean.

    He asked her what she was doing and she told him, "If I don't throw them in, they'll die"

    He replied "Do you realize that there are miles and miles of beach and there are starfish all along every mile? You can't possibly make a difference!"

    At this, the woman bent down, picked up yet another starfish, and threw it into the ocean. As it met the water she said,

    "It made a difference to that one"

  20. I REALLY like Becky's "Life Captured." But what if you turned it around and said Captured by Life.
    Ok, I'm done. No more ideas! :) You girls have my mind working overtime!

  21. Ok, just a few more ideas :)
    Uniquely Me
    Dream Big
    You Are My Sunshine (with a picture of the sun somewhere on the charm or written within the sun)

  22. I 'liked' your facebook page!! I'm Jennifer Carlino! I need to pass your shop on to my BIL to get something for my sis for mother's day!

  23. Hey, I am following your blog, liked you on FB and shared the link to the giveaway on FB. I am Meagan from SSTM. :)

  24. I just like you. And I let facebook know about it.

    My ideas:

    Carpe Diem

    Smile. It's just life!

    Keep it Real or Keepin it Real



    Let it Be

    And fyi, my friend absolutely LOVES her yoga necklace. She wears it every day and people are always commenting on it...

    "The lightness in you honors the lightness in me"

  25. Hm. BombDiggity=Caryn.

    I'm so embarrassed right now. LOL.

  26. Here are my entries. :-)
    1. LINK in FB
    2. LIKE on FB
    3. Phrases/sayings....'carrying your love with me', this little light of mine', 'from tiny seeds grow big trees', and 'from winning races to winning hearts' (greyhound specific, but I'm a sucker for my greyhounds!)

  27. I am Niles :)
    I love my Tag necklace so very much.
    I like you on FB and will follow this blog.
    My ideas are:
    Live Simply
    Today is a gift

  28. Love your stuff! Here are my entries:
    1: Like on Facebook
    2: Link on Facebook
    3: Carpe Diem, Oh happy Day, Live Well, Forever In My Heart

  29. I've been a facebook fan for a while, and I followed you as vmccullouch or victoria mccullouch.

    Sole Sisters (for the running crowd, my group would LOVE this)


    Truly*Madly*Deeply (I have a thing for Savage Garden)

    Always With You


  30. Following on GFC!
    sarahespn at gmail dot com

  31. Following on FB!

    sarahespn at gmail dot com

  32. Oh, I have another one for the yoga crowd:

    Setting my Intention


  33. Ok I posted about it on facebook! I almost forgot about this! Glad I remembered and came back :-)

  34. i like you on fb! :) and i like brodie in real life :)

  35. Necklace ideas:
    Faith, hope, and love
    I am loved
    You are beautiful
    I will love you for you

  36. Here are some ideas!

    "What a Wonderful World"
    "It's A Wonderful Life"
    I am blessed!
    Miracles or My miracles
    God Bless the U.S.A.!
    God keeps his Promises
    If he brings you to it...he will get you through it!
    Life is a journey
    Kiss your Angels
    Make it a great day!

    Good Luck ladies! You are an amazing talents!
    Kim Smith



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