Monday, March 14, 2011

Whale of a Sale Weekend

It's Monday!!  My to-do list is about five miles long today. Laundry, dishes, vacuum, clean kitchen, work on jewelry orders, blog;), pay bills, run errands, and of course take care of Delaney...typical Monday.
okay, that's not five miles, but in my head it seemed a lot longer

We had a blast at Whale of a Sale this past weekend. It was one of our most successful shows to date.  It was Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday so it was a large show for us and I am still exhausted!  I think we literally saw over 200 pregnant women and probably over 100 babies under 6 months old- at least!  I think I "aawwww"ed at least 100 times.  We really had a great time though and can't wait to participate again this fall! 

We realized we really need a foldable wood screen to go behind our booth, so when other vendors are behind us, it keeps our look separate.
Delaney came to visit me.  Loving the cankles in the pic:)

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