Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Going Organic...

It's Wednesday!!  For the 39 of you who follow this blog, you know what that means... What I Want Wednesday! 

Okay, so I used to HATE the whole organic thing.  I'm serious, I was an organic hater.  I remember reading about how Sarah Jessica Parker always used organic detergent and then when she was all out she bought regular detergent and then her baby broke out.  I thought, "Well, if you just used regular detergent to begin with, they would have been used to it and NEVER would have broke out!"  And I always claimed that I would rather eat food with pesticides and NO BUGS than food that had a worm crawling around in it. 

And then, things began to change. 

 I saw a TODAY show episode about toxins in our cosmetics.  I looked up my hairspray on the cosmeticsdatabase and on a scale of 1-10, it rated a 9 for toxicity.  That can't be good for me, right? 

Oh, and then I saw the movie Food, Inc. which made me want to empty my fridge, write some nasty letters to food companies, and demand that cows eat only grass.  I even stopped eating at McDonalds {for a couple of weeks}.  I am TRYING to make better choices when it comes to food, cleaners, and cosmetics, especially since Delaney is new to this world. 

One of my fellow classmates in Indie Biz 3.0 sells organic baby products with a line called Nourish, such as this organic coconut balm.  Delaney already has eczema, so I think something like this would be good for her skin, and I imagine it smells amazing.  This is what I am wanting this week- Nourish coconut balm- for Delaney's dry skin, and maybe my dry elbows...

What are you wanting this Wednesday?

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