Monday, March 7, 2011

Do It Yourself Jewelry Boards

We're super excited to use our "new" jewelry boards this weekend for our show.  Last show season, we didn't put much into our jewelry display boards.  We bought corkboards from Ikea, spray painted them dark brown, and stuck pins in them and hung the necklaces. 
The pins were constantly bending and falling out, the paint got scraped off in spots, dust collected on them like crazy, and by the end of the season, Brodi referred to them as the "poop" boards and I thought the name suited them perfectly. 
We were determined to just trash them and figure out something better, but we kept them just in case, and I'm glad we did. 

Here is what we did the boards to make them look beautiful:

Materials: Burlap ($4 a yard from JoAnns), White Hook Screws ($2 for a box of 40 at Lowe's), Elmer's Glue (Spray Adhesive would probably work better, but I didn't want to buy it), corkboard ($5.99 at Ikea), White decorative crown moulding rectangle ($12 each at Lowe's)

All we had to do was cut the burlap and glue it to the board. 
We then blued the decorative rectangle around the edge (the rectangle moulding from Lowe's was the exact same size as the board from IKEA. 
If they're different sizes, I am sure there is more work involved! 
We twisted the hook screws in to place and we were done!
Before Their Makeover
You can see the "poop boards" above

Jewelry Board After

Ta-Dah!  I finally completed a do-it-yourself project!  Oh, by the way, while I was taking pictures of my new beautiful board, this is what Delaney was doing:

Yes, that is her UNDER the playmat instead of ON the playmat.  Yes, she is missing a sock.  But evidentally she just wanted to play hide-and-go seek.  {I still panicked a little when I saw her though}

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