Monday, March 21, 2011

Friday Night Hockey!

On Friday night, we went to an Indianapolis Ice Hockey game.  I have never been to a hockey game before, and Mark loves to watch hockey, so I thought it would be fun to surprise him with the idea.  I'm not gonna lie- the highlight of sports games for me is getting something from the concession stand-I'm like a five year old.  We opted for a hotdog, popcorn, and a Pepsi, so I was set to go for the evening.  It was a fun game to watch- the teams were tied at the end and had to go into overtime.  During overtime, I was busy texting the following to my mom, who was watching Delaney:

"if shes doing a whiny cry with eyes shut then she is just fighting sleep but if she is doing a screaming cry with eyes open then she wants another bottle"

While I was texting of course, Indianapolis scored the winning goal {is that what you call it in hockey, I don't know}.  I looked up and everyone was screaming and cheering.  Mark jumped to his feet and in his excitement yells,

"WE WON!!!!  YOU MISSED IT!!!!!" {Thank you for rubbing it in, hon}

Of course.  I couldn't even watch a replay cause the Indianapolis Ice aren't an NHL team, so they don't have the equipment to film the games:)
All well- I guess that's the life of a mommy.

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