Thursday, May 12, 2011

embrace the camera

Running late today...almost forgot it was embrace the camera Thursday!!  Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching my sweet niece, Harper, so Harper and Delaney had some fun cousin time together.  I TRIED to turn it into a photo shoot, but it just didn't happen.  Harper is F-A-S-T and constantly on the go.  These were the best shots I got!

I made 5 attempts to get a good shot of the 3 of us... and this was the winner.  I THOUGHT Delaney had her hand on her face making it super cute, but when I looked at it more carefully I realized it was Harper's hand pressing on Del's face:)

This is Harper giving Delaney a hug...we're working on that...

This is my favorite. I TRIED to get a cute pictures of the babies in a bucket.  What I ended up with was Delaney squished and Harper sneezing on her...


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