Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Quick Burst of Inspiration Today...

I've kind of had a busy week filled with doctor/dentist appointments and working on orders from a craft show, so this is just a short blurp of inspiration for a dreary, chilly Indiana Wednesday...

Tension rods for ribbon -- brilliant! (great for small spaces)ruler starburst need to make this

1) I love that they put tension rods on these shelves for the ribbon.  Do I have a lot of ribbon? No- but if I did, I would totally do this.
2) I have seen these mirrors all over the DIY world, and I think I'd like to make one for the office/studio that I am in the process of making over.  I'll probably use stir sticks instead though because they are FREE.
3) I have to have these cupcakes for Delaney's 1-year-old birthday.  I don't know how they made them YET, but I will be doing research in the near future.  TOO CUTE!!

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