Friday, May 6, 2011

What I learned from my Mom...

So...this is my first Mother's Day as a M-O-M.  Now, when the men at church are handing out roses on the way out, I can actually take one.  Ideally, I envision breakfast in bed, a real Hallmark card with the Crown Seal on the envelope, and a plaque that somehow incorporated Delaney's handprint and possibly says "World's Best Mom".  Realistically, Mr. Halsey asked me yesterday what I wanted  and I told him that I wanted a hanging flower basket that can be in full sun.  Not pansies because they die and I like multiple colors.  Oh, and don't pay more than $15, 'cause that's just dumb.  Since he literally jotted notes down, he should get it right.  When I told him what I wanted, I realized I sounded just like my mom.  Each year, we three kids would divide up the Mom's Day gifts: one of us buys a hanging basket for full sun, one of us buys a hanging basket for full shade, and one of us is completely on our own because we didn't call dibs on the hanging baskets in time.

So, since I'm pretty sure I've already turned into my mom, I wanted to share some more things that I have learned from her over the years:

1. Never mow the grass because then your hubby will know you are capable of it and it will become your job.
2. Never buy something for full-price - and 10% does NOT justify a sale.  Really, unless it is at least 30% off, it shouldn't be considered.
3.  Go to the clearance part of the store FIRST.
4. NEVER go further than a 30 minute drive without a can of Pringles in the car.  If it is a full road trip, you will need Pringles, extra jackets (even if it is the middle of the summer), and possibly a cooler with sandwiches and brownies.
5. When your child throws up at night, no matter what the age, you must lay on the floor of the bathroom in case they get sick again even though a warm bed awaits you.
6. No matter what your child's age, if he or she is not at home tucked in bed, then you must stay awake until they are home.  Along the same lines, when dropping a child off at school/friend's house/anywhere, you must watch to make sure they actually make it INTO the building.  There's always that chance that they could trip on the sidewalk and be seriously injured.
7. Generic is just as good as name brand.
8. Even if you think you took enough pictures, take one more just in case.
9. When you go camping, take some egg crate foam to lay under your sleeping bag.  It makes the ground softer.
10. If it is not in a scrapbook, it didn't actually happen.
11. Lipstick should be the first thing you put on in the morning (sorry Mom, I usually fail at this one)
12. Sometimes the best way to get your child to Sunday night church without a fight is to bribe them with a Frosty on the way home. 
13. If you find something dirt cheap for your kids, buy it in every size even if that means your child wears the "same" pair of K-Swiss shoes from 1st grade - 6th grade.  ;)  Love You Mom!

In all seriousness, my mom is pretty awesome.  From the time my sister started preschool to the time my brother graduated college, I know my mom didn't miss one event.  My friends used to be jealous of me in elementary school because my mom would put special stickers in my lunchbox everyday with a note.  Sometimes they were even scratch and sniff stickers, which caused serious envy with my classmates.  She was always a room mom, always a parent volunteer, and was always ready with a snack for us as soon as we stepped off the bus.  She would read us bedtime stories, say a prayer with us, and sing us a song when we would go to bed.  She never pushed us to be career driven, but encouraged us to follow where God is leading us in our lives - and that family and raising our own children should always come first. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mom, and thank you for being such a Rock Star.

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  1. Nevermind the full-sun or full-shade basket this year, Kels...this was the sweetest present ever! Happy First Mother's Day, Honey.
    Love, Mom



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