Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hand Me Downs!

I'm not one to buy new clothes for Delaney.  Yes, when I was preggo I thought I had to every adorable outfit in size Newborn that they made because they were so little and cute. 

NewBorn Clothingvia

{Okay, that's not me and that is a boy onesie is from 1995, but imagine that is me with a cute little girl outfit for Delaney and that was the expression on my face.}

And then Delaney was born and after about, oh five minutes, she was outgrowing her clothes.  I have already packed up so many clothes that still had tags on them because she never got around to wearing them before she outgrew them.  SO, I make it my vow to TRY to not buy her very many new clothes.

{WITH EXCEPTION to this outfit that I bought her the other day from Target because it was too cute to pass up.  Am I right?}

I love shopping consignment sales, but my sister and I hit the jackpot the other day.  Her good friend has a daughter who is almost 5 and they are now expecting a boy, so she was sweet enough to give Brodi all of her daughter's old clothes.  Brodi {because she is my sister and I would make her if she didn't offer}, offered to split all of the goods with me.  So, we spent about four hours going through the 10+ tubs of girl clothes.  And these were NOT your sister's hand-me-downs.  When I was growing up, I wore my share of Brodi's old clothes, including shorts with Looney Toons that I could have done without.

I'm not even kidding, 90% of the stuff was GYMBOREE!!  Holla!  My little Target baby is going to be toddling around in Gymboree clothes, which makes me very happy and very grateful! {Not that I am dissing Target because I seriously took 3 trips there last Saturday.  I am an addict who needs help.}

Here is just a sampling of what we were given.  I am ready to put the dress on the right on Del now, but I think it is a 4T, so I have to wait a few years.  I will wait patiently until that day comes.

I am SO grateful for friends who are done having babies!!

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  1. Those shorts were cool, especially when worn with the matching purple Tasmanian Devil tank top, thankyouverymuch.



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