Monday, May 16, 2011

Brick Street Market

On Saturday, Tag...You're It participated in a local craft fair, the Zionsville Brick Street Market and it was our most successful show to date. (* woo-hoo!doing a little dance*)  It was not only a great show for us, but it was also a great place to shop.  Although they predicted rain all day, it was beautiful.  It was located in a cute little town that literally still has a brick street running through the middle of it.  Along the street, there are great little individually owned shops and restaurants. 

Brodi had Isaac's preschool graduation in the morning, so it was just me and Mr. Halsey in the morning.  People kept trying to ask him questions and I'd have to explain that he was only for decoration and heavy lifiting because he doesn't really know much about the jewelry biz.

There were some really great vendors at this show, and my purchases included kettle corn, of course.  (What is a craft fair without kettle corn?!)  We will definitely be doing this show again next year and I look forward to it already!

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